Riding into the clouds

Two year ago we were in the Pyrenees with our friends. We managed to cycle up the famous cols – Col D’Aspin, Horquette D’Arcizans and Tourmalet.

This photo was taken while climbing up to Horquette D’Arcizans, a very beautiful place and a great ride. Below is a little panorama taken from the top of Horquette D’Arcizans. (click on the pano to see a big version)

Horquette d'Arcizans

Tedious link.

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  1. I love that photograph immensely – the composition and sense of scale is fabulous. Taking in that beautiful panorama from the top of Horquette d’Arcizans must have been a great award!

  2. Hello

    Your photos are really beautiful and amazing. I like a lot of your photos on your blog.
    I love the view in Horquette D’Arcizans. I have gone in thIS place few times it’s really beautiful.

    (sorry for my english I’m french but I try to work on it)

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