Yorkshire Cycle-cross Skipton 2015

If you like an hour of pain do partake in a Cycle Cross race. Or do as I did have a short walk around a nice park/golf course while looking at people in pain. I have come to the conclusion that Cycle Cross have been invented by the cycle manufacturers in an attempt to make more money. When you are a max heart rate, thinking that you are about to die, and your chain jumps off. You will not check your bike over as you will at home in the garage. From the amount of chain vs cassettes interferences I heard today, I know the LBS will be busy tomorrow.

Sheep day 2015

sheep day douglas

Just a few from Sheep Day 2015, honestly I would have expected more sheep. But there was food, baked goods, bouncy castle, Morris dancers, knitting and the sun was out.

sheep day knitter

sheep day yarndale spinners

Tour de Yorkshire, Stage 3.

Splendid day out for a bit of cyclist spotting. Thank you for getting a tour to Yorkshire, who ever was involved, and I take it from the turn out that there will be one next year. Pretty please :)

Tilley liked the attention from the other spectators and wasn’t bothered by it all when the helicopters, police and cyclist zoomed past. Ruby, our foster dog – anyone wants to give him a home? – was just chilled as a cucumber, just laid in the sun and relaxed.

Here are a few from our day at the top of the hill just outside Silsden. Sun, split up peloton, leaders, great police/marshalling, sticky bottle, smiles from the riders, broom wagon etc.

As we drove back we saw bbq’s, bunting, deck chairs and happy people – a grand day out for sure.

Tour de Yorkshire 2014

Yesterday we celebrated seven years together, while watching Tour de France in Skipton, nice little follow up because seven years ago we also watched Tour de France in London. What a buzz, great weekend, sun, friends, cake, cyclist, big screen, Cav crash, happy people. Now where shall we celebrate 14 years ago, I think somewhere along the tour route for sure :)

Today I managed 13 miles for the first time since last summer, I just had to since the Tour was only 6-7 miles away today. My hands and arms are going to pay me back big time tomorrow. But I don’t care it was Le Tour De Yorkshire!

Surprised that I had so much in my legs, though have forgotten how to pace myself. I do need to get a new chain and cassette as the gears jumped all over the shop, it is not something that is high on the list when you haven’t been on a bike in anger since Dec 2012.

With a 75 metre head start I just managed to stay ahead, all the way to the top, of a dad on a full suspension MTB, with a tag along AND a trailer.

Boy is it great to cycle with Peli, something that I have missed big time.

Just a little side note that I found on the Independent website – “Combined the Olympic and the Paralympics had 800.000 spectators”. Compare that to the Tour de Yorkshire which they are saying had about 2.5 million spectators. And that show in London you had to pay for…

Zombies in Skipton

zombie survival runIf only I didn’t have a bad back yesterday, because it looked like well fun. I would have loved to dress up as a Zombie and go hunting for brains. Dead and alive runners all looked liked they enjoyed the day and was rather tired on the last leg.

I hear rumours that there will be a run next year in Skipton so keep an eye on – Zombie Survival Run website

Zombie Eat Brains, but Zombie Can’t Swallow this Injustice” – The Simpsons