Walk in “Skip”ton

Just back from a walk in the place I call home – The Gateway to the Yorkshire Dales – Skipton. As you can see I took some great snaps of the wonderful sights Middletown Recreation Ground, Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Skipton Castle Woods etc. As you can see in the following photographs Skipton is full of fauna, flora and utterly stunning views.

UPDATE: see below the images.

Network Rail: Thank you for your recent contact reporting litter near Bridge SKS1-9 and SKS 1-7 at Skipton.

Litter and fly tipping and the irresponsible disposal of domestic refuse and litter on and around the railway is an ongoing and expensive problem within the rail industry. This highly anti-social behaviour not only blights the railway environment but, the rubbish dumped can be used by vandals to obstruct or cause damage to passing trains.

Network Rail complies with current legislation relating to the removal of litter from the railway and takes all practicable measures, within its resources, to keep it’s infrastructure as litter-free as possible, and on embankment areas, litter is cleared as part of a structured maintenance programme. Priority will always be given to those areas with potential to affect the safety of the operational railway.

Removal of the litter on the embankment mentioned above will be included in our maintenance programme and the work carried out within existing timescales. We cannot give you a firm date when this will happen, but are looking to plan this provisionally for September/October funding and resource permitting.

Craven Council: First response was in the line of “that this is not on our land and responsibility”. Though some litter is clearly on their land are …

Spiders are coming

Spider DogNever seen this before, well yes on telly but not in real life.

Grass, dog and boots were covered in spider web, it was only when you looked closely you could see the creepy crawlies. The webs looked like a sea on the grass when the wind blew.