Yorkshire Cycle-cross Skipton 2015

If you like an hour of pain do partake in a Cycle Cross race. Or do as I did have a short walk around a nice park/golf course while looking at people in pain. I have come to the conclusion that Cycle Cross have been invented by the cycle manufacturers in an attempt to make more money. When you are a max heart rate, thinking that you are about to die, and your chain jumps off. You will not check your bike over as you will at home in the garage. From the amount of chain vs cassettes interferences I heard today, I know the LBS will be busy tomorrow.

Sheep day 2015

sheep day douglas

Just a few from Sheep Day 2015, honestly I would have expected more sheep. But there was food, baked goods, bouncy castle, Morris dancers, knitting and the sun was out.

sheep day knitter

sheep day yarndale spinners