who are you going to call

Who are you going to call

These red things are becoming a endangered feature in the UK landscape. This one was taken in “downtown” Mangersta on Isle of Lewis. As you can see them there Victorians knew how to make things, as the house has pretty much fallen down, yet the phone box still stands. Question is, does it still work?

I took this because of the podcast from BBC World Service, BBC World Update, Daily Commute : The Sunday Feature: Britain’s vanishing phone boxes, the Beep don’t have it online anymore but if you dig around I’m sure you can find it.

roif Isle of Lewis

The Riof Raiders

This commemorate the 20th century land raids by the Reef Raiders.

One such town to be cleared was Reef (in Gaelic, Riof) in the Uig region of the Isle of Lewis. Here in 1848-9 186 men, women and children were summarily evicted by their landlord and forced to crowd in amongst their neighbours in the villages of Valtos and Kneep.

Read about the history here The Riof Raiders and about Suileachan Project.

Cycle Cross in PDX

Cycle Cross in PDX

While in Portland we had the chance to go and see Cycle Cross race or two. It looked mad, crazy and like utter mayhem.

Everything that you can add to a bike ride to make it as hard as possible jumps, steep as f**k hills, grass, tight corners and steps etc. And this was all done for the “fun” of it, I have heard that it is more enjoyable when it is dark, raining, muddy and bloddy freezing. If you don’t come home with something broken on you or your bike and covered in an inch of mud, cuts and blood – it has not been a good day.

So when can we have a go?

Tasmanian Bush fires 2013

Tasmanian Bush fires 2013

We arrived into Tasmania amidst of one of the worst bush fires in living memory. You hear and read about it but you really don’t know how bad it is until you see it. The total randomness of the fire – one house, tree or car gone to the ground and right next to it there is a house, tree or car totally unscathed bar a bit of ash.

Our hearts and thoughts goes out to the families who suffered, please donate to the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery fond who are working hard to help.

Ghost School

Ghost School

Old school in Bannack, Montana and some of the rules for the teachers were …

You will not marry during the term of your contract
You are not to keep company with men
You must be home between the hours of 8pm and 6am unless attending school functions
You may not under any circumstance dye your hair
Your dress may not be any shorter than two inches above the ankle
You may not dress in bright colors

sun in forest

Sun in forest

Early morning sun in Kalaloch Forest Camp ground.

Just a few miles down the road from where the Twilight series was filmed, you nearly expected to spot werewolves running amongst the trees. The only thing we saw was people dressed up as characters out of the films, with t-shirts saying “we love – insert favourite person from the films name here” and best of all the local motel had a sign outside saying “Dr. Cullen did not stay here”.

PhotoFriday : Twilight

Whale watchers San Juan island

Whale watchers San Juan island

While camping on San Juan island we were lucky to see two pods of Orcas swim by in the Haro Strait. We also spotted this group of whale watchers keeping an eye out for them too. If you look carefully you can see the fins of two killer whales. Sadly they didn’t get closer to the shore, but still it was pretty amazing to see around 50 in total swim past.