Wienerbrød or as it is know in the rest of the world – Danish pastry. Which is really Viennoiserie (French etymological sense: “things of Vienna”) pastry.

Just like Guinness Wienerbrød can’t travel, the versions of pastry you get outside Denmark that calls itself Danish pasty is edible but is not fluffy, crispy, light and utterly deliciously tasty. We have travelled the world been to some very good bakeries in Melbourne, Portland and London and even Solvang in California a Danish town with a Danish bakery did some good pastry but nothing like wienerbrød.

I have been away from Denmark for many years so have somewhat become used to the lesser. So when visiting Denmark like we did last week, where we were in Copenhagen, we just had to try one or two, didn’t we numnumnum 🙂

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Good times in Denmark

Good times in Denmark

We have just returned back from 11 days cycle touring in Denmark where we had lots of: fun, rain, chatting, cycling, hospital, train, ice cream, hotdogs and winerbrød (Danish), sun, camping.

Even on a day where we had to endure the rain and the famous Danish wind, I got this beautiful smile from my ever so wonderful travelling partner.

Bike parking

Bike parking

This a common sight in Denmark, bicycle parking. Not that I would do that to my bicycle letting it stand out there by itself. Freezing it tyres off in the winters and in the summer no shade or cold drinks for it. I do not how in such a great country and with such great people that they can be so cruel to their bicycles. Its right up there with cruelty to animals.

“Have you oiled your bicycle chain today?” should be right up there with “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. And should be on your daily agenda like walking your dog or give a good friend hug.



Apart from my very trusted partner *) while out cycle touring, I’m always followed by this fella. Even though he is best seen on sunny days, I’m sure that I’m dragging him around with me where ever I should be riding 🙂 I took this picture while cycling in northern Denmark two years ago.

*) Peli, whom I really enjoy cycling with, I do love you.

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