This is my companion and true friend, Bamse. The amount of times I have cried into his fake fur, thrown him over the house and played hide and seek with him, is uncountable.

I got him before I was born and he have never left my sight. Would love to take him with cycle touring but I’m to scared that he would get stolen or damaged, well he is getting on a bit 🙂

Over the years my mum and even myself have sown his arms and legs back on, along with giving him new glass eyes. His nose was lost for good a long time ago, his fur is wearing rather thin in many places. And what was once white is more grey.

He might look a little rough around the edges but he is not a “dirty old rag” as Peli’s mum proclaimed.

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broken shoulder

Seeing straight through me

A few years ago, I was cycling down three steps, which I had done many time before. Though this time my front wheel went to my left while I wanted to go right. So the end result was a face plant and broken clavicle.

The first 30min after I was sure everything was ok. Just rather sore, some cuts here and there but nothing major. It was only when I got out of the shower that I noticed that my left shoulder was not looking like my right.

Bit of a cheat this, as it is a photo of the x-ray 🙂

Urban decay

Urban decay

It is sad to see your neighbourhood falling apart, Urban decay, or an area just left to its own devices with people treating it with no respect. When you live in a big city like London, Paris or the like you often have areas that “time” has forgotten.

Though sometimes these areas do have a little bit of brightness. OK, it’s a bit hard to see what the silver lining in this picture is. But it is taken not far from the entrance to the catacombs in Paris, not the ones where you will get a guided tour.

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Concrete jungle

Concrete jungle

What ever you say about the concrete jungle and cityscapes, there is beauty there. Just simple lines, symmetry, colour and the sheer scale of them. Makes concrete beautiful.

This was taken while walking around in Paris may years ago, honestly I can’t remember where. Though looking back at my old pictures I need to get out there to take some more photo of architecture and buildings.

High as a kite

High as a kite

I have always loved kites. As young lad I used to build my own and fly then as high as the string would let me. I have been thinking about building a box kite as a winter project., as that is one of the only kites I have never flown.

Below is a photo of me flying my kite @ 2500m on the French/Spanish border in the Pyrenees. It is around the size of a A4 and only takes off in strong winds, but still well fun to fly.

night bus

Night time is my favourite time

Love it when the city wakes up at night, the lights, people and sounds. I spend a fair bit of time taking night-time photos, nothing special just point and shoot.

Like this photo I took while running across the road to get to the car my mate was picking me up in. While waiting on the middle reservation for the bus to pass. I just took my camera out of the bag and snapped this quick snap.

The result just says London by night to me.

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