riding north

Riding north

Farsebook is funny and great now and again. Today it showed me this photo I took when we rode north back in Aug. 2010 as a warm up for our New Zealand tour later on in the year. Photo was taken as we were cleaning up after a well earned cup of tea.


vand hund

Vand hund

I love water, I’m a “vand hund”*, it has to be real water as in the ocean, river or a lake. Just can’t get the same feeling in a swimming pool. As I grew up and we went to the beach in the summer, my mum had to hold me back so that she could apply my sun cream, as I would be straight in the drink.

I was always jealous of other dog owners who had a dog that they could play with in the sea. None of mine wanted to go, even if you threw in their favourite toy. Just stayed on the shore, barely got their paws wet. Only time we could get a mutt in the drink was if we all went in, and then they reluctantly waded in with us. But as soon as one of us looked like we were heading out of the water, they were right back on to our bath towels.

Enter Tilley, a proper “vand hund”* (what we in Denmark call anyone who loves to play/swim). Most of the time we don’t have to say “go swim” before she is in. For some reason when it is salt water, she loves to put her nose – well, whole head – right in and breathe out. Fresh water she just swims in it or drinks it.

Ha! A friend did a little thing to this …
Tilley starwars

*water dog.

tonight sunset

Tonights sunset

Today it was a mad day for weather and skies.

While out walking Tilley, it rained heavily, the clouds were shining orange and we had a massive double rainbow. I couldn’t get the phone out without soaking it or myself and hold still enough long enough, when I had a dog that soo needed to talk to the ducks on the canal. So you gotta believe me here 🙂

Seconds later the clouds cleared and blue skies appeared and a very fiery sunset was on display. Every second it changed as the sun sat and the clouds moved about. I was lucky to snap this one, since there was a post I could lean against and Tilley had no birds or other distractions that she had to look at.

Going underground

Going underground

If you know me or have meet me ever, even for a short while. I’m sure that you have heard my rant about the Tube aka the underground public transport in London. I had to endure it the other day, lucky I only have to use this horrid thing once every three to four months. How can people do this every day, TWICE or even more ….. oh here I go starting my rant, I’ll get off my soap box.

Tedious link

Kerb crawlers

Kerb crawlers

Also “fondly” known as Chutney.

Yes they do look beautiful, wonderful colours and are just begging to be kicked about. Though do be careful: if they are wet they are as good as an ice rink. After a fall a few years ago where these little blighter took the front wheel away and I came down hard, wet leafs are now known as Chutney. Because of the mango coloured bicycle I was on was called that and the mess I have hit looked a bit like some too.