pen-y-ghent in cloud

Pen-y-ghent in cloud

The clouds were much less when I was on top, so in the gaps I managed to see down Ripple valley and over to Ingleborough.

The seven other hikers who were coming up as I was going down, had a long wait before they would get a view of anything but cloud.

I wasn’t the first on top at 6.30am I was beaten by two others, well, they cheated as they camped overnight. Sadly for them they didn’t get the stunning sunset they must have hoped for, as a cloud came and settled in for the night just the sun was finishing its day with us.

Sunset from Pinhaw

Pinhaw Sunset

Brilliant sunset tonight, truly enjoyed it while driving home and had to stop to snap this.

But it was utterly destroyed by fly tipping. We live in one of the most beautiful/stunning/wonderful areas in the UK, heck the world, right on the door step of the brilliant Yorkshire Dales. I know that this parking lot is a known dogging spot. Hey, why not it is a great view to be doing a bit of “alfresco”, each to their own πŸ™‚ Yet some right old numpty, I guess needed a bit of comfort, but couldn’t asked to – pack it in, pack it out!

bed with a view

I know the various councils run a tip/recycling centre where you can pretty much bring anything. Some councils will even come a take away you old banger, free of charge. So there is no excuse to do fly tipping.

I just can’t get my head around peoples minds, when they are OK with dumping their shit/garbage wherever they want. How can they live in and accept that the area/world they are living is, for the lack of a better word, a skip/landfill.

Come on people – clean up after yourself, it is not that hard!

Side note : Walk in “Skip”ton …