She said yes :)

G’wan then

About six years ago, I asked her to marry me and gave her a Haribo ring. Which she promptly ate while laughing away.

About six weeks ago, she said “G’wan then, why not?!”.

About six minutes ago, we became Mr Peli and Mrs Woolly.

Inspired by the Viking runes carved into the chamber walls of the stone age tomb at Maeshowe, Orkney. This ring reads ‘Enduring Strength Unity’ in runes.

Rings by Sheila Fleet

Let your inner child out

Let your inner child out

Yes, I had help with this photograph, or rather I threw the camera at my beautiful assistant, so that I could go on the bouncing pillow. I might soon be an old Git (Oi, quiet there at the back!!), anything that I can go and bounce on, swing on or slide* on and I can’t stop my inner child.

*) Just do check the width of the slide at the bottom before you go on it. Let’s just say that I walked in pain for the rest of the day after I got wedge at the end of a long slide… 🙂



This is my companion and true friend, Bamse. The amount of times I have cried into his fake fur, thrown him over the house and played hide and seek with him, is uncountable.

I got him before I was born and he have never left my sight. Would love to take him with cycle touring but I’m to scared that he would get stolen or damaged, well he is getting on a bit 🙂

Over the years my mum and even myself have sown his arms and legs back on, along with giving him new glass eyes. His nose was lost for good a long time ago, his fur is wearing rather thin in many places. And what was once white is more grey.

He might look a little rough around the edges but he is not a “dirty old rag” as Peli’s mum proclaimed.

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Little Fluffy Clouds

Little Fluffy Clouds

One on the best things about cycle touring is that you can just stop, rest and take in the views. Along with that you get to cycle on roads, paths less travelled so you get to enjoy the scenery pretty much unspoiled by yourself.

This one was taken in New Zealand on the Otago Rail Trail, out of season, miles away from towns and other roads so we were all alone for the most of the day. Just a great spot to sit and relax and take it all in, nearly a zen moment.

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my zen

My Zen

Two of my favourite ways to relax – spending hours looking at the sea or picking through stones. When I do that I blank out totally, it relaxes me, puts me to ease, no worries, chill simply put.

This photo captures “my Zen” spot on, I’m normally fairly aware of what is going on around me. Though here I didn’t have a clue that Peli was taking this photo. She even had to gently nudge me to get me to come back to the tent so that we could cook dinner.