Quack !

This photo was taken in New Zealand not many miles from Dunedin. On every campsite we visited there was a sign saying, do not feed the ducks. And on every campsite we had a least one couple waddling around. The Ma Quack walking in front taking the lead, with Pa Quack around two feet behind. Ma Quack was rather bossy, this one even tried to nick Peli’s ice cream. Where Pa Quack was more shy and hanged back all the time. You could clearly see who was wearing the trousers in the family Quack.

The reason for why I post this photo, is that we have a couple of Quacks here where we live. I spotted them last year waddling around on the playground. This year they are back waddling around on the garage roof and green areas. I wonder why they have pick our neck of the woods and not one of the parks or even the river near by.

The thing that stands out with this couple, is that there is no “boss” in this relationship like the ones in NZ.