grand day out

A grand day out

Six years ago we had an eventful day out. We laugh and think of it fondly now, but there were a few low points.

The day before, Peli fell off a bolting horse, hurt her noggin and was a bit battered too (boulders do not make a soft landing). The next day we took the ferry over Lake Wakatipu and set off on the rather utterly stunning, yet rough road, towards Te Anau.

We didn’t make much progress at first, because we constantly had to stop to take in the views. Along with another drop from Peli, this time she even managed to graze the skin (I’ll spare you the gore). After some time taking stock of what was sore and hurt, she stood up to compose herself. Before I could shout a warning, she put a hand on an electric fence and got well and truly zapped. Jumped, lost her balance and grabbed what was nearest to her to steady herself and you guessed it – bzzzzz! She then laid down to figure out what was what and was not amused one bit that I was bent over in stitches roaring in laughter. This all happened so fast that I didn’t have time to warn her or get to her rescue, it is a bit hard to run when you are having a laughing fit. Sorry lass, but it looked so funny. There was one passing car that stopped to ask if Peli was ok, they soon set off when they saw me in stitches and her angry stare 🙂

The only big event that happened to me – a stone flicked from my own tyres and knocked the valve right off, never seen that before.

We pitched up at North Lake Mavora and preparing, eating and cleaning up after food was done walking around the picnic bench because SAND FLIES! We could walk fast enough to keep them a bay, but as soon as you stopped you were covered in them.

Here are a few snaps from the same ride/day: