Back in ’01-’03 and did take some pictures with my then trusty Sony DSC-F707. So be prepared to see some of these old ones dug out for show.

I then moved from Paris, France, to London, UK, and life changed and I never had time to take photos. Did try but the camera stopped to auto focus, but not always, so it got put on the back burner.

Then I got a Sony DSC-P200, brilliant point and shoot, but managed to get some dust inside the lens that ruined the photos.

The next camera was a Sony DSC-W170 which I do love and still use but the menu has it own mind. So pulling it out to take a quick snap ain’t going to happen, as you have to double check the settings before you shoot.

Doing our cycle tour of New Zealand I found out that I really missed taking photos in another way than just holiday snaps. So when we go home I dug out my F707 to see if I could use it and get started again. Though the next set back is that I can’t find my charger, sugar ! So I have to put an order in to get a new one.

Happy snapping in 2011