dunbar chains

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Chains at Dunbar Harbour. Every time I see big chains like these, I think about Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Not a month goes by when I see something that he had his fingers in … did he build Britain?

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She said yes :)

G’wan then

About six years ago, I asked her to marry me and gave her a Haribo ring. Which she promptly ate while laughing away.

About six weeks ago, she said “G’wan then, why not?!”.

About six minutes ago, we became Mr Peli and Mrs Woolly.

Inspired by the Viking runes carved into the chamber walls of the stone age tomb at Maeshowe, Orkney. This ring reads ‘Enduring Strength Unity’ in runes.

Rings by Sheila Fleet

vand hund

Vand hund

I love water, I’m a “vand hund”*, it has to be real water as in the ocean, river or a lake. Just can’t get the same feeling in a swimming pool. As I grew up and we went to the beach in the summer, my mum had to hold me back so that she could apply my sun cream, as I would be straight in the drink.

I was always jealous of other dog owners who had a dog that they could play with in the sea. None of mine wanted to go, even if you threw in their favourite toy. Just stayed on the shore, barely got their paws wet. Only time we could get a mutt in the drink was if we all went in, and then they reluctantly waded in with us. But as soon as one of us looked like we were heading out of the water, they were right back on to our bath towels.

Enter Tilley, a proper “vand hund”* (what we in Denmark call anyone who loves to play/swim). Most of the time we don’t have to say “go swim” before she is in. For some reason when it is salt water, she loves to put her nose – well, whole head – right in and breathe out. Fresh water she just swims in it or drinks it.

Ha! A friend did a little thing to this …
Tilley starwars

*water dog.



Wienerbrød or as it is know in the rest of the world – Danish pastry. Which is really Viennoiserie (French etymological sense: “things of Vienna”) pastry.

Just like Guinness Wienerbrød can’t travel, the versions of pastry you get outside Denmark that calls itself Danish pasty is edible but is not fluffy, crispy, light and utterly deliciously tasty. We have travelled the world been to some very good bakeries in Melbourne, Portland and London and even Solvang in California a Danish town with a Danish bakery did some good pastry but nothing like wienerbrød.

I have been away from Denmark for many years so have somewhat become used to the lesser. So when visiting Denmark like we did last week, where we were in Copenhagen, we just had to try one or two, didn’t we numnumnum 🙂

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PhotoFriday : Delicious!

Let your inner child out

Let your inner child out

Yes, I had help with this photograph, or rather I threw the camera at my beautiful assistant, so that I could go on the bouncing pillow. I might soon be an old Git (Oi, quiet there at the back!!), anything that I can go and bounce on, swing on or slide* on and I can’t stop my inner child.

*) Just do check the width of the slide at the bottom before you go on it. Let’s just say that I walked in pain for the rest of the day after I got wedge at the end of a long slide… 🙂

cycling food

Cycling food

One good thing about cycle touring is that you have a very good reason for testing out the local food. If you should find yourself in Fort Bragg, California, do stop by at Cafe One on the main drag. And don’t worry vegans you actually along with the veggies have more choice than the carnivores at this place. Peli spend fair good time trying to pick and I had little choice for once.

Killed by Indians

Killed by Indians

In a cemetery Onaisin in Chile on Tierra del Fuego.

John Saldine
Who was killed by Indians
on 20th of July 1898

With no disrespect to the family, but I wonder if he was totally blame free. From what I read about the first white people to this island, lets just say they were not all that nice – Selknam Genocide where people were paid per dead.

PhotoFriday : At rest

the fly

Be afraid. Be very afraid

I spotted this dead fly in the window the other day and it made me think of the movie The Fly. I can remember when I saw the first trailers for it how scary they were since we only got to hear this “Don’t be afraid. Be very afraid” just after we had heard a fly flying around the dark theatre. And that was it until next week when we got to see more of the trailer, brilliant set up for a great movie. Though I think if I watch it today it will be a bit dated.



This is my companion and true friend, Bamse. The amount of times I have cried into his fake fur, thrown him over the house and played hide and seek with him, is uncountable.

I got him before I was born and he have never left my sight. Would love to take him with cycle touring but I’m to scared that he would get stolen or damaged, well he is getting on a bit 🙂

Over the years my mum and even myself have sown his arms and legs back on, along with giving him new glass eyes. His nose was lost for good a long time ago, his fur is wearing rather thin in many places. And what was once white is more grey.

He might look a little rough around the edges but he is not a “dirty old rag” as Peli’s mum proclaimed.

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Quack !

This photo was taken in New Zealand not many miles from Dunedin. On every campsite we visited there was a sign saying, do not feed the ducks. And on every campsite we had a least one couple waddling around. The Ma Quack walking in front taking the lead, with Pa Quack around two feet behind. Ma Quack was rather bossy, this one even tried to nick Peli’s ice cream. Where Pa Quack was more shy and hanged back all the time. You could clearly see who was wearing the trousers in the family Quack.

The reason for why I post this photo, is that we have a couple of Quacks here where we live. I spotted them last year waddling around on the playground. This year they are back waddling around on the garage roof and green areas. I wonder why they have pick our neck of the woods and not one of the parks or even the river near by.

The thing that stands out with this couple, is that there is no “boss” in this relationship like the ones in NZ.