broken shoulder

Seeing straight through me

A few years ago, I was cycling down three steps, which I had done many time before. Though this time my front wheel went to my left while I wanted to go right. So the end result was a face plant and broken clavicle.

The first 30min after I was sure everything was ok. Just rather sore, some cuts here and there but nothing major. It was only when I got out of the shower that I noticed that my left shoulder was not looking like my right.

Bit of a cheat this, as it is a photo of the x-ray 🙂

Little Fluffy Clouds

Little Fluffy Clouds

One on the best things about cycle touring is that you can just stop, rest and take in the views. Along with that you get to cycle on roads, paths less travelled so you get to enjoy the scenery pretty much unspoiled by yourself.

This one was taken in New Zealand on the Otago Rail Trail, out of season, miles away from towns and other roads so we were all alone for the most of the day. Just a great spot to sit and relax and take it all in, nearly a zen moment.

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my zen

My Zen

Two of my favourite ways to relax – spending hours looking at the sea or picking through stones. When I do that I blank out totally, it relaxes me, puts me to ease, no worries, chill simply put.

This photo captures “my Zen” spot on, I’m normally fairly aware of what is going on around me. Though here I didn’t have a clue that Peli was taking this photo. She even had to gently nudge me to get me to come back to the tent so that we could cook dinner.