archie the cat


This is our new pet, well he thinks so. Comes to our door about once a day, like he owns the place.

It’s out neighbours cat, whom our dog have utterly fallen for. When she hears his bell, she goes spare and demands to be let out into the garden to greet him. Archie isn’t much fuzzed about Tilley’s dancing and downward dog “I wanna play” stands. He tries to head bud her and rub up against her, but this she don’t understand what that means and then tries to do more downward dog playing. To which he “hit” her in a play like manner with his paws, which causes Tilley to walk backwards with her front paws up one at the time trying to pad him.

She even took one of her toys out to him to show/play with. Archie just gave it a light pad with his paws and wandered off to lay in another spot.

This friendship have taught our mutt that cats are great. Sadly not all cats have read that memo. So we still need to keep her on tight control, as she runs up to any cat in the neighbourhood.

vandal art?

Vandal art?

I enjoy looking at graffiti aka street art. Some works are utterly stunning. I know that some are done without the owners permission. Though often the art looks much better than a dull grey wall.

Connected with train


Day Five: “Connect”

In this age of social media, we hear the word connect often, don’t we?

The “old” fashioned way to connect with each other, IRL aka In Real Live. Take a train, ride your bike or heck even walk over to your friends and family and then have a cuppa and a natter.

Photography: Developing Your Eye I

water tower


Day Three: “Water” — Image Orientation

A few days late with this one, sorry chaps. Was a bit busy with life and also split on what do do with this challenge.

I started to click through my old photos for ideas and found this one of a water tower in Portland, OR. So thinking out of the box and not following Today’s tip, oops.

Photography: Developing Your Eye I



Boot cleaner

Day two : “Street” : Wander your neighbourhood – or someplace new – to capture your street snapshot.

This is a hole often next to the main entrance to Victorian house. The owner of this house have come up with a nice way to use the old boot scraper.

Photography: Developing Your Eye I