vand hund

Vand hund

I love water, I’m a “vand hund”*, it has to be real water as in the ocean, river or a lake. Just can’t get the same feeling in a swimming pool. As I grew up and we went to the beach in the summer, my mum had to hold me back so that she could apply my sun cream, as I would be straight in the drink.

I was always jealous of other dog owners who had a dog that they could play with in the sea. None of mine wanted to go, even if you threw in their favourite toy. Just stayed on the shore, barely got their paws wet. Only time we could get a mutt in the drink was if we all went in, and then they reluctantly waded in with us. But as soon as one of us looked like we were heading out of the water, they were right back on to our bath towels.

Enter Tilley, a proper “vand hund”* (what we in Denmark call anyone who loves to play/swim). Most of the time we don’t have to say “go swim” before she is in. For some reason when it is salt water, she loves to put her nose – well, whole head – right in and breathe out. Fresh water she just swims in it or drinks it.

Ha! A friend did a little thing to this …
Tilley starwars

*water dog.


oh dear

I found this photo the other day and thought that you lot would like to see it too.

While in Bannack, Montana back in 2012 we camped at the site just outside the ghost town. Early morning I went down to have a look at the river and felt that I was being looked at. I looked up and spotted this one on the other bank checking me out. Luckily I managed to get a snap before it ran away.

My Kingdom for a horse!

My Kingdom for a horse!

Well OK my Queendom for a horse… Where ever we go and if there is a horse nearby Peli has to go and say hello.

This one was in the hills above Porvenir on Tierra del Fuego in Southern Chile, on the – stunning but very hard to ride your bicycle – La Ruta de Oro.

We had pretty much run out of food and was on our last bit of water and was very much spent nothing left in us. The route had taken us eight days and I had planned it would take five at the most five and half days.

So with tired legs on top of the last leg into Porvenir she staggered over to say hi to this bunny fella.

Vaux's Swifts in Portland

Vaux’s Swifts in Portland

If should ever find yourself in Portland, Oregon in September time you just have to go and have picnic and watch the Vaux’s Swifts at Chapman School and enjoy the show – Tens of thousands of tiny birds swarm into one school chimney every fall.

It starts slowly but build up to a fantastic show, you might even get a visit from a Hawk and that gets the crowd going – who are you supporting – very dramatic.

Just a word of warning : Tens of thousands of birds above you doing what birds do naturally – flying and well I’m sure you can guess the other thing – so bring some tissues and cover your picnic πŸ™‚

PhotoFriday : Swift

Wild dogs

Wild dogs

We saw our fair share of “wild dogs” and even heard them fighting in the night. They were roaming the street living on what they found. Puppies left to fend for them self at the side of the roads. Drivers didn’t even try to avoid hitting them when ran out onto the streets, saw plenty of evidence of dog and vehicular “interference”. People threw things at them, kicked them away and hit them with brooms or whatever they had at hand.

Not something we were used to see.

Stop Pingu

Stop Pingu

I should have uploaded this one yesterday and yesterday’s photograph should be up today. The reason we didn’t get too close to the penguins was that they are very rare. If we should be in way between the sea and their young ones, there is a very good chance that they would go and never come back. So it is good that I have a 270mm lens as you saw in yesterday’s photograph, if you look carefully you can see one to the right near the wake.

Whale watchers San Juan island

Whale watchers San Juan island

While camping on San Juan island we were lucky to see two pods of Orcas swim by in the Haro Strait. We also spotted this group of whale watchers keeping an eye out for them too. If you look carefully you can see the fins of two killer whales. Sadly they didn’t get closer to the shore, but still it was pretty amazing to see around 50 in total swim past.

the fly

Be afraid. Be very afraid

I spotted this dead fly in the window the other day and it made me think of the movie The Fly. I can remember when I saw the first trailers for it how scary they were since we only got to hear this “Don’t be afraid. Be very afraid” just after we had heard a fly flying around the dark theatre. And that was it until next week when we got to see more of the trailer, brilliant set up for a great movie. Though I think if I watch it today it will be a bit dated.


Quack !

This photo was taken in New Zealand not many miles from Dunedin. On every campsite we visited there was a sign saying, do not feed the ducks. And on every campsite we had a least one couple waddling around. The Ma Quack walking in front taking the lead, with Pa Quack around two feet behind. Ma Quack was rather bossy, this one even tried to nick Peli’s ice cream. Where Pa Quack was more shy and hanged back all the time. You could clearly see who was wearing the trousers in the family Quack.

The reason for why I post this photo, is that we have a couple of Quacks here where we live. I spotted them last year waddling around on the playground. This year they are back waddling around on the garage roof and green areas. I wonder why they have pick our neck of the woods and not one of the parks or even the river near by.

The thing that stands out with this couple, is that there is no “boss” in this relationship like the ones in NZ.