vand hund

Vand hund

I love water, I’m a “vand hund”*, it has to be real water as in the ocean, river or a lake. Just can’t get the same feeling in a swimming pool. As I grew up and we went to the beach in the summer, my mum had to hold me back so that she could apply my sun cream, as I would be straight in the drink.

I was always jealous of other dog owners who had a dog that they could play with in the sea. None of mine wanted to go, even if you threw in their favourite toy. Just stayed on the shore, barely got their paws wet. Only time we could get a mutt in the drink was if we all went in, and then they reluctantly waded in with us. But as soon as one of us looked like we were heading out of the water, they were right back on to our bath towels.

Enter Tilley, a proper “vand hund”* (what we in Denmark call anyone who loves to play/swim). Most of the time we don’t have to say “go swim” before she is in. For some reason when it is salt water, she loves to put her nose – well, whole head – right in and breathe out. Fresh water she just swims in it or drinks it.

Ha! A friend did a little thing to this …
Tilley starwars

*water dog.

Beach on Tasmania

Beach on Tasmania

We have seen our fair share of beautiful beaches and this one we know what part of the world this beach is – Tasmania – though we can’t remember what the beach was called.

I can remember that we had a good walk and the sun was just peeping through the cloud cover. And that we meet a local lady who while talking to me forgot about the waves and got a bit wet when one hit her.

What I really like about this beach is that the volcanic rock is sticking out of the sand.

Mist on the Californian Coast

Mist on the Californian Coast

Cycling the Californian Coast on highway 1, a day or two south of Monterey. Lucky for us lazy starters in the morning, compared to the others who were up and gone by 7-7:30am, we actually got to see the stunning coast line which is often hidden by the mist. At night on the camp sites the early risers reported that they haven’t seen anything at all. We on the other hand did when the mist disappeared around lunch time, like you see here, the beautiful coast came out and we enjoyed the sun, waves and views.

Once there were twelve

Once there were twelve

Or was there ever Twelve Apostles?

According to wiki there were only nine, made twelve if you counted the three sisters, I think, which are now only two sisters, but there is now only eight after one eroded away, approximately 2 cm per year. Well I’m confused and I forgot to count when there so see how many you can count, remember there is a few behind me so that might make it a wee bit hard for you to count since you can’t see behind me … Ok I’ll stop now.

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