all hallows' eve

All Hallows’ Eve

Not a bad sunset tonight and it didn’t turn out bad either for a phone snap.

Below blurb is taken from wiki.

It is widely believed that many Halloween traditions originated from Celtic harvest festivals which may have pagan roots, particularly the Gaelic festival Samhain, and that this festival was Christianized as Halloween. Some academics, however, support the view that Halloween began independently as a solely Christian holiday.

pen-y-ghent in cloud

Pen-y-ghent in cloud

The clouds were much less when I was on top, so in the gaps I managed to see down Ripple valley and over to Ingleborough.

The seven other hikers who were coming up as I was going down, had a long wait before they would get a view of anything but cloud.

I wasn’t the first on top at 6.30am I was beaten by two others, well, they cheated as they camped overnight. Sadly for them they didn’t get the stunning sunset they must have hoped for, as a cloud came and settled in for the night just the sun was finishing its day with us.

Sunset from Pinhaw

Pinhaw Sunset

Brilliant sunset tonight, truly enjoyed it while driving home and had to stop to snap this.

But it was utterly destroyed by fly tipping. We live in one of the most beautiful/stunning/wonderful areas in the UK, heck the world, right on the door step of the brilliant Yorkshire Dales. I know that this parking lot is a known dogging spot. Hey, why not it is a great view to be doing a bit of “alfresco”, each to their own πŸ™‚ Yet some right old numpty, I guess needed a bit of comfort, but couldn’t asked to – pack it in, pack it out!

bed with a view

I know the various councils run a tip/recycling centre where you can pretty much bring anything. Some councils will even come a take away you old banger, free of charge. So there is no excuse to do fly tipping.

I just can’t get my head around peoples minds, when they are OK with dumping their shit/garbage wherever they want. How can they live in and accept that the area/world they are living is, for the lack of a better word, a skip/landfill.

Come on people – clean up after yourself, it is not that hard!

Side note : Walk in “Skip”ton …

Cloud and skies

Cloud and skies

This picture does not justify reality of how big, amazing, stunning, blue, white. They went on forever – to quote a famous song. One fella told us that you don’t get these clouds – ok not the ones pictured above – anywhere but South America. I don’t know if I dare to tell him, that we saw them in New Zealand, USA and in Yorkshire where are now based.

Read the blog post that belongs to this photo here –

La Ruta de Oro

La Ruta de Oro

The stunning La Ruta de Oro on Tierra del Fuego in Patagonia Southern Chile on our way to Porvenir in search for water and food.

A slight miss planning by yours truly, seen in the picture above taken by Peli, where I as was sure that 300 odd kilometres would take us around five-day, five and a half days tops. But on the third day it was clear that it would take more like seven days. The very strong wind (80km/h and above at times), very rough gravel road (aka ripio) and steep hills – slowed us down to an eight hours battle against the nature and our wills to gain just 15 kilometres.

The route we have taken does not have a corner shop that we could just pop into for a pint of milk, it was – really the middle of nowhere! Food and water rationing started, lucky we had our life saver our water filter from Katadyn. It was a few rather hard and tiring days cycling this remote, but yet very beautiful, part of the world. By the time we found civilisation and more important crisp, chocolate and biscuits again it was early afternoon on our eight-day and we didn’t have breakfast.

Mount Hood

Mount Hood

If the weather is great when you are flying into Portland Oregon you can get this view of Mount Hood with what I believe to be Mount Jefferson in the background. please correct me if I’m wrong.

I was half asleep, as you would be if you just had 13 hours flight into Dallas and a two-hour turn around before the four and half hour flight to Portland, when I got poked in my ribs by Peli my partner-co-photograher showing me this great view.

Well worth the rude awaking I’ll say.

PhotoFriday : Huge

High as a kite

High as a kite

I have always loved kites. As young lad I used to build my own and fly then as high as the string would let me. I have been thinking about building a box kite as a winter project., as that is one of the only kites I have never flown.

Below is a photo of me flying my kite @ 2500m on the French/Spanish border in the Pyrenees. It is around the size of a A4 and only takes off in strong winds, but still well fun to fly.

Little Fluffy Clouds

Little Fluffy Clouds

One on the best things about cycle touring is that you can just stop, rest and take in the views. Along with that you get to cycle on roads, paths less travelled so you get to enjoy the scenery pretty much unspoiled by yourself.

This one was taken in New Zealand on the Otago Rail Trail, out of season, miles away from towns and other roads so we were all alone for the most of the day. Just a great spot to sit and relax and take it all in, nearly a zen moment.

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