dunbar chains

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Chains at Dunbar Harbour. Every time I see big chains like these, I think about Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Not a month goes by when I see something that he had his fingers in … did he build Britain?

Side note: Twitter has this to say about this photo – The following media may contain sensitive material. Your media settings are configured to inform you when media may be sensitive.

arthurs pass

Towards Arthur

Six years ago we set out for our first big tour, three months in New Zealand. Our second morning riding towards the Torlesse Range and later Arthur’s pass. Great views of Castle Hill Peak with a fresh dusting of snow. Our tent had ice on it when we woke up, so a very “fresh” start to the day, though Porter’s Pass soon warmed us up.

who are you going to call

Who are you going to call

These red things are becoming a endangered feature in the UK landscape. This one was taken in “downtown” Mangersta on Isle of Lewis. As you can see them there Victorians knew how to make things, as the house has pretty much fallen down, yet the phone box still stands. Question is, does it still work?

I took this because of the podcast from BBC World Service, BBC World Update, Daily Commute : The Sunday Feature: Britain’s vanishing phone boxes, the Beep don’t have it online anymore but if you dig around I’m sure you can find it.

She said yes :)

G’wan then

About six years ago, I asked her to marry me and gave her a Haribo ring. Which she promptly ate while laughing away.

About six weeks ago, she said “G’wan then, why not?!”.

About six minutes ago, we became Mr Peli and Mrs Woolly.

Inspired by the Viking runes carved into the chamber walls of the stone age tomb at Maeshowe, Orkney. This ring reads ‘Enduring Strength Unity’ in runes.

Rings by Sheila Fleet

Sunset from Pinhaw

Pinhaw Sunset

Brilliant sunset tonight, truly enjoyed it while driving home and had to stop to snap this.

But it was utterly destroyed by fly tipping. We live in one of the most beautiful/stunning/wonderful areas in the UK, heck the world, right on the door step of the brilliant Yorkshire Dales. I know that this parking lot is a known dogging spot. Hey, why not it is a great view to be doing a bit of “alfresco”, each to their own πŸ™‚ Yet some right old numpty, I guess needed a bit of comfort, but couldn’t asked to – pack it in, pack it out!

bed with a view

I know the various councils run a tip/recycling centre where you can pretty much bring anything. Some councils will even come a take away you old banger, free of charge. So there is no excuse to do fly tipping.

I just can’t get my head around peoples minds, when they are OK with dumping their shit/garbage wherever they want. How can they live in and accept that the area/world they are living is, for the lack of a better word, a skip/landfill.

Come on people – clean up after yourself, it is not that hard!

Side note : Walk in “Skip”ton …


oh dear

I found this photo the other day and thought that you lot would like to see it too.

While in Bannack, Montana back in 2012 we camped at the site just outside the ghost town. Early morning I went down to have a look at the river and felt that I was being looked at. I looked up and spotted this one on the other bank checking me out. Luckily I managed to get a snap before it ran away.

tonight sunset

Tonights sunset

Today it was a mad day for weather and skies.

While out walking Tilley, it rained heavily, the clouds were shining orange and we had a massive double rainbow. I couldn’t get the phone out without soaking it or myself and hold still enough long enough, when I had a dog that soo needed to talk to the ducks on the canal. So you gotta believe me here πŸ™‚

Seconds later the clouds cleared and blue skies appeared and a very fiery sunset was on display. Every second it changed as the sun sat and the clouds moved about. I was lucky to snap this one, since there was a post I could lean against and Tilley had no birds or other distractions that she had to look at.

Pumping water

Pumping water

One of the best cycle touring investments we ever did was getting a Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter.

We often ran out of water and the only thing near that looked a bit like water you wouldn’t drink as it was. We would scoop up some water with our Ortlieb “kitchen sink” and start pumping – I even managed to catch a very small fish one time.

We couldn’t just pop into a “estancia” aka farm and ask for some water, because they would often be at the end of a five or more miles long farm track. That would be 10 miles or more round trip on a very rough bit of gravel track, where we wouldn’t know if there would be water at all.

Small lakes, streams and even dirty looking puddles was our source of water. 15 minutes pumping with the Katadyn and all our water bottles were full with very nice and clean drinkable water.

If the Red Cross and the US Army, to name but a few, rely on the Katadyn – it would be good enough for us.

Read the blog post that belongs to this photo here – http://www.woollypigs.com/2012/02/the-fuegian-road-less-travelled/

Tailwind at last

Tailwind at last

The last eight miles and for the next 10 or so – we had tail wind! Sadly it was so short but we made good time. Even the ripio was good, only on the steep “ups” was the road rough. We truly enjoyed it and the more than blue sky.

Read the blog post that belongs to this photo here – http://www.woollypigs.com/2012/02/the-fuegian-road-less-travelled/

Beach on Tasmania

Beach on Tasmania

We have seen our fair share of beautiful beaches and this one we know what part of the world this beach is – Tasmania – though we can’t remember what the beach was called.

I can remember that we had a good walk and the sun was just peeping through the cloud cover. And that we meet a local lady who while talking to me forgot about the waves and got a bit wet when one hit her.

What I really like about this beach is that the volcanic rock is sticking out of the sand.

My Kingdom for a horse!

My Kingdom for a horse!

Well OK my Queendom for a horse… Where ever we go and if there is a horse nearby Peli has to go and say hello.

This one was in the hills above Porvenir on Tierra del Fuego in Southern Chile, on the – stunning but very hard to ride your bicycle – La Ruta de Oro.

We had pretty much run out of food and was on our last bit of water and was very much spent nothing left in us. The route had taken us eight days and I had planned it would take five at the most five and half days.

So with tired legs on top of the last leg into Porvenir she staggered over to say hi to this bunny fella.

Mount Hood

Mount Hood

If the weather is great when you are flying into Portland Oregon you can get this view of Mount Hood with what I believe to be Mount Jefferson in the background. please correct me if I’m wrong.

I was half asleep, as you would be if you just had 13 hours flight into Dallas and a two-hour turn around before the four and half hour flight to Portland, when I got poked in my ribs by Peli my partner-co-photograher showing me this great view.

Well worth the rude awaking I’ll say.

PhotoFriday : Huge

The Pinnacle, The Grampians National Park

The Pinnacle, The Grampians National Park

The view from The Pinnacle in The Grampians National Park in Victoria Australia. Brilliant walk up through the bush and a bit of bouldering to get up to the top for the fantastic view. The haze in the in the distance is a mixture of the heat and the smoke from the wild fires that was burning earlier this year in Victoria.

Vaux's Swifts in Portland

Vaux’s Swifts in Portland

If should ever find yourself in Portland, Oregon in September time you just have to go and have picnic and watch the Vaux’s Swifts at Chapman School and enjoy the show – Tens of thousands of tiny birds swarm into one school chimney every fall.

It starts slowly but build up to a fantastic show, you might even get a visit from a Hawk and that gets the crowd going – who are you supporting – very dramatic.

Just a word of warning : Tens of thousands of birds above you doing what birds do naturally – flying and well I’m sure you can guess the other thing – so bring some tissues and cover your picnic πŸ™‚

PhotoFriday : Swift