Mount Hood

Mount Hood

If the weather is great when you are flying into Portland Oregon you can get this view of Mount Hood with what I believe to be Mount Jefferson in the background. please correct me if I’m wrong.

I was half asleep, as you would be if you just had 13 hours flight into Dallas and a two-hour turn around before the four and half hour flight to Portland, when I got poked in my ribs by Peli my partner-co-photograher showing me this great view.

Well worth the rude awaking I’ll say.

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Cycle Cross in PDX

Cycle Cross in PDX

While in Portland we had the chance to go and see Cycle Cross race or two. It looked mad, crazy and like utter mayhem.

Everything that you can add to a bike ride to make it as hard as possible jumps, steep as f**k hills, grass, tight corners and steps etc. And this was all done for the “fun” of it, I have heard that it is more enjoyable when it is dark, raining, muddy and bloddy freezing. If you don’t come home with something broken on you or your bike and covered in an inch of mud, cuts and blood – it has not been a good day.

So when can we have a go?

Vaux's Swifts in Portland

Vaux’s Swifts in Portland

If should ever find yourself in Portland, Oregon in September time you just have to go and have picnic and watch the Vaux’s Swifts at Chapman School and enjoy the show – Tens of thousands of tiny birds swarm into one school chimney every fall.

It starts slowly but build up to a fantastic show, you might even get a visit from a Hawk and that gets the crowd going – who are you supporting – very dramatic.

Just a word of warning : Tens of thousands of birds above you doing what birds do naturally – flying and well I’m sure you can guess the other thing – so bring some tissues and cover your picnic 🙂

PhotoFriday : Swift