arthurs pass

Towards Arthur

Six years ago we set out for our first big tour, three months in New Zealand. Our second morning riding towards the Torlesse Range and later Arthur’s pass. Great views of Castle Hill Peak with a fresh dusting of snow. Our tent had ice on it when we woke up, so a very “fresh” start to the day, though Porter’s Pass soon warmed us up.

riding north

Riding north

Farsebook is funny and great now and again. Today it showed me this photo I took when we rode north back in Aug. 2010 as a warm up for our New Zealand tour later on in the year. Photo was taken as we were cleaning up after a well earned cup of tea.

Sunset from Pinhaw

Pinhaw Sunset

Brilliant sunset tonight, truly enjoyed it while driving home and had to stop to snap this.

But it was utterly destroyed by fly tipping. We live in one of the most beautiful/stunning/wonderful areas in the UK, heck the world, right on the door step of the brilliant Yorkshire Dales. I know that this parking lot is a known dogging spot. Hey, why not it is a great view to be doing a bit of “alfresco”, each to their own 🙂 Yet some right old numpty, I guess needed a bit of comfort, but couldn’t asked to – pack it in, pack it out!

bed with a view

I know the various councils run a tip/recycling centre where you can pretty much bring anything. Some councils will even come a take away you old banger, free of charge. So there is no excuse to do fly tipping.

I just can’t get my head around peoples minds, when they are OK with dumping their shit/garbage wherever they want. How can they live in and accept that the area/world they are living is, for the lack of a better word, a skip/landfill.

Come on people – clean up after yourself, it is not that hard!

Side note : Walk in “Skip”ton …

A world pootle in 2012

A world pootle in 2012

This was taken by my partner while cycle touring in New Zealand. Which we enjoyed so much that we have packed our bags and bike and is waiting for the plane to take off on the 6th of January 2012. Where we will be cycling from Ushuaia in Argentina in the general direction of New York, USA. There is also talk about Japan, New Zealand and Kathmandu and a zigzag trough Europe back.

I will try to keep this blog going with some photos from the road. To read all about our adventures click over to and sign up to our newsletter.

Happy riding and snapping.


Quack !

This photo was taken in New Zealand not many miles from Dunedin. On every campsite we visited there was a sign saying, do not feed the ducks. And on every campsite we had a least one couple waddling around. The Ma Quack walking in front taking the lead, with Pa Quack around two feet behind. Ma Quack was rather bossy, this one even tried to nick Peli’s ice cream. Where Pa Quack was more shy and hanged back all the time. You could clearly see who was wearing the trousers in the family Quack.

The reason for why I post this photo, is that we have a couple of Quacks here where we live. I spotted them last year waddling around on the playground. This year they are back waddling around on the garage roof and green areas. I wonder why they have pick our neck of the woods and not one of the parks or even the river near by.

The thing that stands out with this couple, is that there is no “boss” in this relationship like the ones in NZ.

Aoraki Mount Cook

Aoraki/Mount Cook

Mt. Cook was probably my highlight of our visit to New Zealand last year. Though it is rather hard to pick one place, moment that really stood out. New Zealand is just a place you have to visit, a truly stunning place! You have probably already clicked past a few pictures taken on our tour of the south island last year and there will be more to come.

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PhotoFriday : Mountainous

Riding into the clouds

Riding into the clouds

Two year ago we were in the Pyrenees with our friends. We managed to cycle up the famous cols – Col D’Aspin, Horquette D’Arcizans and Tourmalet.

This photo was taken while climbing up to Horquette D’Arcizans, a very beautiful place and a great ride. Below is a little panorama taken from the top of Horquette D’Arcizans. (click on the pano to see a big version)

Horquette d'Arcizans

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near Abergwesyn common

Here be dragons

Two years ago had our first taster of cycle touring and we went to Wales to hunt Dragons. Though we didn’t get to see any dragons (they might not like the grey wet weather) we truly enjoyed our visit and were bitten by the cycle touring bug. The lovely hills, campsites and the stunning sunshine on the final day made it sure that we would be back. And, sure enough, we already have 🙂



Apart from my very trusted partner *) while out cycle touring, I’m always followed by this fella. Even though he is best seen on sunny days, I’m sure that I’m dragging him around with me where ever I should be riding 🙂 I took this picture while cycling in northern Denmark two years ago.

*) Peli, whom I really enjoy cycling with, I do love you.

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Little Fluffy Clouds

Little Fluffy Clouds

One on the best things about cycle touring is that you can just stop, rest and take in the views. Along with that you get to cycle on roads, paths less travelled so you get to enjoy the scenery pretty much unspoiled by yourself.

This one was taken in New Zealand on the Otago Rail Trail, out of season, miles away from towns and other roads so we were all alone for the most of the day. Just a great spot to sit and relax and take it all in, nearly a zen moment.

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@ 2400m

Over the last two years we gotten back our camping bug. This photo was taking in ’09 in the Pyrenees where we were on holiday. We hiked up to 2400m and pitched out tent and enjoyed our picnic and enjoyed a beautiful sunset before bed time. We woke up around midnight and looked a the stars and milkyway which was so clear and bright that we see lake next to us.

This was probably the best camping in a long time, stunning views, great hike and good company.

my zen

My Zen

Two of my favourite ways to relax – spending hours looking at the sea or picking through stones. When I do that I blank out totally, it relaxes me, puts me to ease, no worries, chill simply put.

This photo captures “my Zen” spot on, I’m normally fairly aware of what is going on around me. Though here I didn’t have a clue that Peli was taking this photo. She even had to gently nudge me to get me to come back to the tent so that we could cook dinner.