all hallows' eve

All Hallows’ Eve

Not a bad sunset tonight and it didn’t turn out bad either for a phone snap.

Below blurb is taken from wiki.

It is widely believed that many Halloween traditions originated from Celtic harvest festivals which may have pagan roots, particularly the Gaelic festival Samhain, and that this festival was Christianized as Halloween. Some academics, however, support the view that Halloween began independently as a solely Christian holiday.

grand day out

A grand day out

Six years ago we had an eventful day out. We laugh and think of it fondly now, but there were a few low points.

The day before, Peli fell off a bolting horse, hurt her noggin and was a bit battered too (boulders do not make a soft landing). The next day we took the ferry over Lake Wakatipu and set off on the rather utterly stunning, yet rough road, towards Te Anau.

We didn’t make much progress at first, because we constantly had to stop to take in the views. Along with another drop from Peli, this time she even managed to graze the skin (I’ll spare you the gore). After some time taking stock of what was sore and hurt, she stood up to compose herself. Before I could shout a warning, she put a hand on an electric fence and got well and truly zapped. Jumped, lost her balance and grabbed what was nearest to her to steady herself and you guessed it – bzzzzz! She then laid down to figure out what was what and was not amused one bit that I was bent over in stitches roaring in laughter. This all happened so fast that I didn’t have time to warn her or get to her rescue, it is a bit hard to run when you are having a laughing fit. Sorry lass, but it looked so funny. There was one passing car that stopped to ask if Peli was ok, they soon set off when they saw me in stitches and her angry stare 🙂

The only big event that happened to me – a stone flicked from my own tyres and knocked the valve right off, never seen that before.

We pitched up at North Lake Mavora and preparing, eating and cleaning up after food was done walking around the picnic bench because SAND FLIES! We could walk fast enough to keep them a bay, but as soon as you stopped you were covered in them.

Here are a few snaps from the same ride/day:

dunbar chains

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Chains at Dunbar Harbour. Every time I see big chains like these, I think about Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Not a month goes by when I see something that he had his fingers in … did he build Britain?

Side note: Twitter has this to say about this photo – The following media may contain sensitive material. Your media settings are configured to inform you when media may be sensitive.

arthurs pass

Towards Arthur

Six years ago we set out for our first big tour, three months in New Zealand. Our second morning riding towards the Torlesse Range and later Arthur’s pass. Great views of Castle Hill Peak with a fresh dusting of snow. Our tent had ice on it when we woke up, so a very “fresh” start to the day, though Porter’s Pass soon warmed us up.

who are you going to call

Who are you going to call

These red things are becoming a endangered feature in the UK landscape. This one was taken in “downtown” Mangersta on Isle of Lewis. As you can see them there Victorians knew how to make things, as the house has pretty much fallen down, yet the phone box still stands. Question is, does it still work?

I took this because of the podcast from BBC World Service, BBC World Update, Daily Commute : The Sunday Feature: Britain’s vanishing phone boxes, the Beep don’t have it online anymore but if you dig around I’m sure you can find it.

roif Isle of Lewis

The Riof Raiders

This commemorate the 20th century land raids by the Reef Raiders.

One such town to be cleared was Reef (in Gaelic, Riof) in the Uig region of the Isle of Lewis. Here in 1848-9 186 men, women and children were summarily evicted by their landlord and forced to crowd in amongst their neighbours in the villages of Valtos and Kneep.

Read about the history here The Riof Raiders and about Suileachan Project.

loitering stones

Loitering stones

Visited the Callanish Standing Stones on Isle of Lewis, fantastic spot. Amazing that they have been left to loiter about for so many years. Still makes me wonder why someone figured that this is a grand place to put some stone in a pattern and probably dance around them naked too. Back then it was not easy to sit around and enjoy the views as the island was covered in forest.

I totally forgot about this: We were sitting at the nearby cafe and overheard some Americans walking down from the stone circle.

Person A: So, what was your impression of the stones?
Person B: Hmm, a bit like cilantro, take or leave it …

riding north

Riding north

Farsebook is funny and great now and again. Today it showed me this photo I took when we rode north back in Aug. 2010 as a warm up for our New Zealand tour later on in the year. Photo was taken as we were cleaning up after a well earned cup of tea.

She said yes :)

G’wan then

About six years ago, I asked her to marry me and gave her a Haribo ring. Which she promptly ate while laughing away.

About six weeks ago, she said “G’wan then, why not?!”.

About six minutes ago, we became Mr Peli and Mrs Woolly.

Inspired by the Viking runes carved into the chamber walls of the stone age tomb at Maeshowe, Orkney. This ring reads ‘Enduring Strength Unity’ in runes.

Rings by Sheila Fleet

vand hund

Vand hund

I love water, I’m a “vand hund”*, it has to be real water as in the ocean, river or a lake. Just can’t get the same feeling in a swimming pool. As I grew up and we went to the beach in the summer, my mum had to hold me back so that she could apply my sun cream, as I would be straight in the drink.

I was always jealous of other dog owners who had a dog that they could play with in the sea. None of mine wanted to go, even if you threw in their favourite toy. Just stayed on the shore, barely got their paws wet. Only time we could get a mutt in the drink was if we all went in, and then they reluctantly waded in with us. But as soon as one of us looked like we were heading out of the water, they were right back on to our bath towels.

Enter Tilley, a proper “vand hund”* (what we in Denmark call anyone who loves to play/swim). Most of the time we don’t have to say “go swim” before she is in. For some reason when it is salt water, she loves to put her nose – well, whole head – right in and breathe out. Fresh water she just swims in it or drinks it.

Ha! A friend did a little thing to this …
Tilley starwars

*water dog.

pen-y-ghent in cloud

Pen-y-ghent in cloud

The clouds were much less when I was on top, so in the gaps I managed to see down Ripple valley and over to Ingleborough.

The seven other hikers who were coming up as I was going down, had a long wait before they would get a view of anything but cloud.

I wasn’t the first on top at 6.30am I was beaten by two others, well, they cheated as they camped overnight. Sadly for them they didn’t get the stunning sunset they must have hoped for, as a cloud came and settled in for the night just the sun was finishing its day with us.

Sunset from Pinhaw

Pinhaw Sunset

Brilliant sunset tonight, truly enjoyed it while driving home and had to stop to snap this.

But it was utterly destroyed by fly tipping. We live in one of the most beautiful/stunning/wonderful areas in the UK, heck the world, right on the door step of the brilliant Yorkshire Dales. I know that this parking lot is a known dogging spot. Hey, why not it is a great view to be doing a bit of “alfresco”, each to their own 🙂 Yet some right old numpty, I guess needed a bit of comfort, but couldn’t asked to – pack it in, pack it out!

bed with a view

I know the various councils run a tip/recycling centre where you can pretty much bring anything. Some councils will even come a take away you old banger, free of charge. So there is no excuse to do fly tipping.

I just can’t get my head around peoples minds, when they are OK with dumping their shit/garbage wherever they want. How can they live in and accept that the area/world they are living is, for the lack of a better word, a skip/landfill.

Come on people – clean up after yourself, it is not that hard!

Side note : Walk in “Skip”ton …


oh dear

I found this photo the other day and thought that you lot would like to see it too.

While in Bannack, Montana back in 2012 we camped at the site just outside the ghost town. Early morning I went down to have a look at the river and felt that I was being looked at. I looked up and spotted this one on the other bank checking me out. Luckily I managed to get a snap before it ran away.