holy island

Eilean MoLaise

More commonly known as the Holy island, just off the coast from Lamlash on Isle of Arran. I took this after midnight in the middle of Storm Brendan, which gave the island go old battering, while we visited. Even on a small but sturdy tripod, that I was holding firmly, the long exposure got some motion blur. But I think it works well on this image, where we can see the light (glow) from the mainland and even at night the sky is blue when lit up by the fool moon.

Pladda Lighthouse

Pladda Lighthouse

Had a very windswept walk on Kildonan beach, got the cobwebs well and truly blown away. Could have spend many more hours walking here, will be back one day. As I can just stare at the waves for hours on end. On the way back the light and clouds changed and we got this rather cool looking light.

Pladda Lighthouse

In the background behind Pladda you can just make out Ailsa Craig, where you can find the blue hone granite that has long been quarried to make curling stones

weather front

Weather front

View from Lochranza on Isle of Arran, towards the Kintyre peninsula. This is the tail end of the shower that gave us a good “wash”. When the weather forecast says showers, do be prepared wrap up fast, as you will get a soaking double fast at random times. As you can see on the other photo, the shower had on higher grounds brought some snow with it.

Lochranza Distillery

Lochranza Distillery, jolly good wee dram. There used to be about fifty distilleries on the island, but most of them were “moonlight” or illegal distilleries, those where the days, eh ūüôā

Goatfell Isle of Arran


Had a few days on Isle of Arran. This snap was taken from the ferry as we left, the mountain had a wee dusting of snow doing the night.

Bonus shot of Goatfell, with added castle:

Brodick Castle and Goatfell