Riding into the clouds

Riding into the clouds

Two year ago we were in the Pyrenees with our friends. We managed to cycle up the famous cols – Col D’Aspin, Horquette D’Arcizans and Tourmalet.

This photo was taken while climbing up to Horquette D’Arcizans, a very beautiful place and a great ride. Below is a little panorama taken from the top of Horquette D’Arcizans. (click on the pano to see a big version)

Horquette d'Arcizans

Tedious link.

near Abergwesyn common

Here be dragons

Two years ago had our first taster of cycle touring and we went to Wales to hunt Dragons. Though we didn’t get to see any dragons (they might not like the grey wet weather) we truly enjoyed our visit and were bitten by the cycle touring bug. The lovely hills, campsites and the stunning sunshine on the final day made it sure that we would be back. And, sure enough, we already have 🙂